Saturday, May 06, 2017

Why must I tolerate the intolerable?

Why do those who scold me, telling me to be "tolerant", only seem concerned that I tolerate those who want to violate me?

I have no trouble "tolerating" those who prefer dogs to cats, worship gods, choose chocolate over vanilla, are some variety of LGBTQ, laugh at me because I dislike manual transmissions, believe the Earth is flat, or whatever. I may even love them, rather than to simply "tolerate" them, which seems a rather low bar.

You might tolerate the woodrat that lives under your porch, but you smile if he dies. It seems odd that thinking of people the same way is something they'd encourage.

So, yeah, I can tolerate an awful lot.

But, I won't tolerate those who want to rob, trespass, murder, kidnap, or govern. Archation is a deal-breaker. And it seems those are the people I'm most often told I must tolerate. No deal.

People who want to rob, murder, and govern you are not people you can "tolerate" and survive. They can't be a part of your future, if your future is to be one of hope and thriving. Don't tolerate them or their ideas.


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