Monday, March 22, 2021

Worrying about the wrong things

My parents seem to worry a lot about "illegal immigrants", just as FOX News tells them they should. They manage to bring this up in conversations that seem (to me) to have nothing to do with the topic.

Usually, I just sit and stare when they go off on that tangent-- at least until I have had enough.

They imagine that this category of people doesn't "pay" taxes, which is ridiculous, but if it were true (which it isn't), good for them! I don't want anyone to help fund my arch-enemy. If you manage to avoid being robbed, who am I to object?

They complain that they are coming here for "free stuff", without realizing that the problem is offering the "free" stuff (which was stolen from others) to anyone, not the people who take what is offered. If you put out a bird feeder, you're an idiot to complain when it attracts birds. End the handouts, completely, and then no one will come here to get them.

They also imagine that Creepy Joe ("See, I can still walk!") Biden has opened the gates to anyone, when that's not even close to true. He has just renamed Trump's (and all previous presidents') policies to sound "gentler". "Kids in cages" has become "Kids protected in migrant facilities".

I don't advocate for "open borders" because I don't believe in government borders at all-- open, closed, or with a doorman. I believe in private property rights, and the right to defend yourself and your property from ALL violators, regardless of where they were born or why they imagine they have a right to violate you.

"But they'll all v*te Democratic!"

Yes, migrants-- if they get the chance-- will v*te for whoever treats them better. (Or whoever they imagine treats them better, as the case may be.) Whose fault is this?

If the Grumpy Opposition Party (GOP) turned the tables and treated migrants better than the Democrats do, what might happen? 

But why not simply admit that rights and liberty are never legitimately up for a v*te? No matter how many would v*te them away.

No one can v*te away your rights if your rights are never negotiable. This just shows why democracy is illegitimate, even when you call it a republic. Political government is always going to lead to the same place, and it isn't a good place-- it's a place where natural human rights get ignored and the supremacy of the State is beyond question. 


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