Saturday, January 02, 2021

A foundation of lies

Government-supremacists aren't good at making an honest argument. Have you noticed?

They have no leg to stand on, so they try to muddy the waters. Does this make them feel like a winner?

One was trying to argue against liberty yesterday by saying everyone wants government to keep them safe, and that people will always seek positions of power. I said that even if everyone he knows is either a coward or a bully, and therefore imagines they need the State, that says nothing about the whole species.

So he accused me of using an ad hominem attack against him. When I pointed out I didn't do so, he told me to read a dictionary. I carefully pointed out what I said and what he had said, compared that to what an ad hominem attack means, so he tried a different approach. This sort of thing happened several times.

But people like him aren't the only ones.

How many times have you seen a politician scurry away after being asked a question they don't want to consider, much less answer. They all do it. That's if anyone is allowed to get close enough to ask.

If they do answer, usually the answer has nothing to do with what they were asked, or they just lie.

Statism is a delusion sitting on a foundation of lies. That fact makes me happy.
It doesn't make me as happy that so many people fall for the lies, but it is what it is.

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