Saturday, April 22, 2023

Speaking for myself...

I realize I can't speak for others. Only for myself. So I don't usually try to sound like I'm speaking for anyone other than myself. My opinions are my own-- good, bad, or indifferent. 

I'm uncomfortable being put in a position where I'm expected to speak for any sort of collective, even if I assume they'd mostly agree with me. It's asking for trouble. I would probably turn down such an opportunity after giving it some consideration.

Even if I use the word "we", I mean "only those who agree with this". I'm not trying to put words in anyone else's mouth. It's not necessary for anyone to tell me they disagree-- although they are free to do so.

This follows my lack of belief in one person representing others-- especially as in representative political government. It's a ridiculous concept. It has no basis in reality whatsoever. 

If I were to wake up one morning to find I had somehow slipped into an alternate reality where I held a position of political power, I would only speak for myself. I would promote liberty-- probably by resigning as fast as humanly possible and heading for the mountains until I was forgotten. Unless I had the power to abolish branches of government, then I'd do that first. (Even though I know many people would be greatly offended by that.)

To hallucinate that one person can represent the interests of millions of others, who each have opposing values and concerns, is absurd. To base a coercive institution on this absurd hallucination is inexcusable.

But, of course, I'm only speaking for myself. I know political Libertarians imagine this is a good idea, if only "we" can elect the "right" people and pass the "right" legislation. Politics in self-defense and all that. It's a cute idea. I wonder if that has ever really worked out.

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