Thursday, August 28, 2014

Those wacky socialists and their "borders"

The whole "border" and "immigration" problem are socialist-created crises. Or perhaps I should say collectivist-created.

If there were no superstitious belief in the existence of "public property" there would be no problem. People could defend their own property as they saw fit. But socialist/collectivists believe the State can "own" property. They also believe the State can control how you use- and how or whether you can defend- your own property. (Which you also must pay a yearly ransom to keep.)

It's like dogs' territoriality gone berserk- where a hypothetical barking dog thinks it can claim everything around him, including half a continent, as his own- no matter the other dogs living there. Claiming other people's property is socialistic.

Offering "free stuff"- which is never free- is also socialistic. No matter who the intended recipient may be.

Many of the migrants are also socialistic- believing they are "owed" passage across other people's private property, and "free stuff" once they settle somewhere. So you have the clash of the socialists.

I have no dog in the fight other than the fact the socialists pretend to have the authority to prevent me from defending my life, liberty, and property from any of their kind.