Saturday, February 04, 2017

A reality primer for Mr. Trump

Trump seems to need some understanding concerning "immigration": so, one, two, and three.

"Trade deficits": this phantom again?

Pipelines: If your pipeline depends on theft of private property ("eminent domain"), then you are a thief; a socialist. You are committing evil. You can't do good through evil means.

Rightful Liberty and rights: They aren't dependent on where you were born or where you live. Even the Declaration of Independence didn't make that error. Human? Then you have the exact same rights as every other human, whether gangs of bullies respect those rights or not. Period.

His support for cops and the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs: Decent people can't support cops, and prohibition is stupid and evil.

Now, I like the fact that Trump has thrown the status quo "establishment" into minor chaos by refusing to go along with some of its sacred traditions. And, I hate that he is violating Rightful Liberty, believing this can somehow make a dying nation-state (there is no other kind) "great again". At least he's not boring.

But his fans and haters? They are boring in the extreme.

Trump, his fans, and his haters, all need this book: Problem? Solved!

You're welcome.


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