Monday, September 11, 2023

Anti-gun bigots are getting desperate

I was just recently saying I think it's a bad idea to call natural human rights "Constitutional rights" or "Second Amendment rights" and then the evil, tyrannical governor of New Mexico-- also known as The Wicked Witch of the West-- decided to illustrate my point for me.

I'm sure you've seen the news practically everywhere, but if not, just search for "New Mexico governor suspends Second Amendment".

Since "Constitutional" smells like it is tied somehow to government, it's easy for an evil government "official" to claim any such rights can be suspended. Just like the Second Amendment could be abolished (or ignored into irrelevance).

Since the right to own and to carry weapons is a natural human right, any Ruler trying to "suspend" the right is outing herself as an evil dictator. In this case, she's also a criminal (felon) who committed her crimes in the open, with cameras recording, and without even trying to hide it.

But, she's always been trash. This isn't new, it's just more blatant than usual.

Fortunately, no one is going to comply. Even legislation enforcers have been quoted as saying they aren't going to enforce her rule. 

However, the legislation enforcers present when she made her announcement showed themselves to be enemies of the people and derelict in their primary duty when they didn't immediately interrupt her tyranny theater by arresting her on stage as she spoke.

I'm glad that for this current mess, I'm on the Texas side of the (arbitrary) government "border" that says one mafia owns me rather than a different mafia. I'm doubly glad I don't live in Albuquerque, although there were plans to go there in the next couple of weeks.

Combined with all the recent attacks by the BATFEces Mafia, it's obvious the anti-gun bigots are desperate. Watch out for more damage from their death throes in the near future. But don't rescue them from themselves. Let them DIE.


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