Sunday, December 20, 2015

Remember your place

To all my Democrat and Republican friends and family:

Are your lives really so empty and devoid of meaning that you feel you need a president? Someone to "run things" for you?

Personally, I think that's very sad.

I trust you to be able to run your own life, and after a little practice, being able to run it better than you think you can. I know you don't need a "representative" or Ruler or any of the "laws" they dream up.

So why waste time and worry choosing something you don't need? Your obsession over the crop of bullies, some of whom are completely idiotic, borders on the pathetic. I see trying to give yourself gangrene as about the same level of sanity as trying to choose a Ruler.

Those nasty vermin need you in order to carry out their plans; you don't need them to have a wonderful life.

You are more important than any of them. They aren't worthy to lick the soles of your shoes after you tour a chicken farm. Not one of them. Remember that and act like you really recognize it. They are all scum- and as long as you don't act like them, and don't fawn over them, you are not.

Remember your place- and remember theirs. They are parasites who can't survive without feeding on you- and as such aren't worthy to survive at all. You are so much above them you can't even see them from where you stand. Don't try to lower yourself to their level by giving them your v*te.