Monday, September 04, 2023

Well, that's definitely... "interesting"

I consider corporations a branch of The State-- at least in how The State uses them against liberty. Corporate censorship, anti-gun policies, and COVID collusion being examples that spring immediately to mind. However, I am still free to choose whether I deal--  or not-- with most of them.

The local facility of the consumerish corporation that I sometimes refer to as PlastiCrap World-- where the vast majority of the funds for this household come from-- burned early Sunday morning.

I would much rather it had been a police station, a courthouse, a city hall, a DMV office, an IRS office, or some other completely useless, totally coercive institution destroyed in the blaze. Some office people are forced to deal with, no matter how much we'd rather not.

But it wasn't.

I’m oddly really kind of upset over it. It doesn’t make sense even to me. 

Being a MegaCorporation, I'm hoping they rebuild and reopen soon. Either way, this is another of those "interesting times" we are occasionally cursed with.


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