Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Freedom isn't free"

Freedom isn't free. You have to earn it by giving up your addiction to "government".

Not just the parts of "government" you will admit kill freedom, but also the parts you like, which you pretend somehow "protect" freedom.  You know, the parts that only impact someone else's freedom- as far as you know.

Freedom and government are mutually exclusive.  Every bit of governing kills a bit of freedom.  Not only that, but every bit of government that is allowed to persist always grows.  If you do nothing freedom will automatically be replaced piece by piece by "government".  You must continually chop away at government to keep from losing ground, unless you manage to just get rid of the entire tumor of "government" once and for all.

I read something the other day:
"Conservatives want to keep the federal government open—we just want to shut down Obamacare."

That's precisely why I am not a "conservative".  I think it's extremely dishonest to claim "Hey, we don't want to cut out the whole cancerous tumor, just this one little microscopic bit of it."

That is the excuse of someone not willing to pay the price of freedom.