Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Soft statists" and the irredeemable statists

I have nothing but contempt for "government" and those who support it.

Well, that's not quite true.

I have a lot of pity for most "soft statists"- the people who are just statists because no one has ever expected more of them. The ones who are what they are because it's the "culture" they grew up in, and no one ever pointed out to them how inconsistent and hypocritical it is. And how it doesn't work because it can't work- new "laws" are clear evidence of this. They can be reached, with opportunity,  time, and patience.

I also have pity for elderly statists who can't seem to change a lifetime of indoctrination at this late date. They can't be reached, and do a lot of damage, but their time is running out.

My contempt is reserved for those who have been shown the nature of statism and still won't reject the evil. They've been shown a better way and still refuse to grow up. Those who look for any objection they can muster to keep stealing and committing acts of enforcement- or asking others to commit those acts of their behalf. And, yes, I realize a lot of it is grounded in cowardice- due to them being afraid to take responsibility for their own life. Or imagining horrible outcomes of Rightful Liberty while glossing over horrible outcomes of statism which are occurring all around them right now- no speculation required.

So, contempt and pity for statists. Pity for those never given the chance to reject statism, and contempt for those who have been shown better and still refuse to grow up.