Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The appeal of cruelty in entertainment

I don’t like cruelty in “entertainment”. There’s enough cruelty in the real world, and it’s not something that appeals to me. 

I wouldn't ban it (of course). 

It may inspire some unwell people to commit acts they see acted out, but those people would probably find inspiration somewhere no matter what. 

Maybe it provides a necessary outlet for some people. 

And some people enjoy it, even though I can't even comprehend why or how. It is what it is.

I'm not talking about simple violence, either.

I realize mine is a minority opinion. Cruelty in movies is very popular. I know people love it- many “horror” franchises are based on it. But it doesn’t interest me at all. In fact, I actively avoid it.

If you want to support what I do, you will. If not, you won't.
Thank you.