Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Passive statism

There are those who don't hold government "jobs", who don't necessarily believe government is essential to life, and who don't support everything government does, but who don't entirely reject the idea of governing others, either. 

These are the passive statists.

They are not nearly as harmful to society as those who take an active role in imposing government on the rest of us. But they aren't harmless, either.

The religious cult of statism requires a large number of people to just go along with it, even if they don't do much to support it. At least they aren't openly defying or ignoring it. And there are an awful lot of them! They are uncritically accepting many of its lies and "the narrative" because it's just easier.

And it is easier. It takes work to think for yourself and to buck the trends. It can make you unpopular to rock the boat. I think it's worth the extra effort because I think liberty is more valuable than anything any government could possibly provide. Most are unwilling to put in the extra effort, especially at the risk of getting on government's-- and your neighbors'-- bad side.

I guess I can't really blame them, even as I wish they'd make different choices.

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