Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pirates and cops- but I repeat myself

I like pirates. Not the real pirates who archate, but fictional pirates who are often noble scoundrels and outlaws, but who don't really do much evil (and do none in the real world, because they are fictional). And I love their weapons and how they dress.

I recognize the difference between the fictional pirates I love and the real ones, who are all scum.

Too bad people who admire cops (one type of real-life pirates) can't do the same. They like- often to the point of worship- actual bad guys. You just shouldn't do that.

I have liked some fictional cops. Just like with pirates, I realize fiction isn't reality.

I won't call for your murder if you defend yourself with deadly force from a real-life pirate, whether he's a cop or not.

Cop lovers are delusional.

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