Thursday, April 11, 2024

Things no one needs

You don't "need" secure elections if you stop pretending that others can have a "right" to v*te on your rights, or to select a political criminal to rule you. Almost nothing should ever be up for a v*te, and certainly not your natural rights.

You don't "need" so-called "red flag laws" if you haven't made it hard and "legally" dangerous for potential victims to defend themselves from credible threats.

You don't "need" locked down "borders" and authoritarian "immigration" control if you haven't criminalized defense of person and property and the proper tools with which to carry it out. And if you haven't established a theft-funded welfare state.

You wouldn't "need" welfare if government hadn't decided to replace charity with handouts funded by stealing money from the population. And if everyone weren't forced to involuntarily fund an expensive and useless institution called "government", which works to make everything more expensive.

You don't "need" a government military to protect you from foreign enemies if there isn't a government military creating enemies all over the planet.

You don't "need" police if there are no counterfeit "laws" to impose on the population, and if you don't train the population to be passive sheep in the face of archation.

You don't "need" taxes [sic] if you let people voluntarily fund those things they want badly enough to fund, and let the other things die.

You don't "need" government to have a monetary policy unless you allow government to counterfeit "money", inflate away your money, and spend money it doesn't have, thus creating a "national debt" that government employees alone owe, but that they'll pretend is your debt to repay.

You don't "need" a government "job".

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