Monday, February 05, 2024

They know what they are

I got a first-hand report from someone having to deal with government employees a couple of days ago. Just hearing about it makes me angry.

If I acted like a government employee I would be too ashamed to show my face in public.

Government employees like to be in your face, in your pockets, and in your business... as long as they feel safe. And it takes extraordinary measures to make them feel safe from their victims.

Government employees hide behind bulletproof glass and metal detectors.

They hide behind “laws”.

How pathetic!

Government employees are cowards. They instinctively know they are in the wrong; the bad guys. They are worse than useless, they are harmful. They'll never admit it openly, but their actions show they know the truth.

Liberty is the greater good!
If you want to support what I do, you will. If not, you won't.
Thank you.

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