Monday, June 20, 2016

The predictability of statist responses

I just discovered an older message on Facebook. It is from April, and went to a junk folder I didn't know I had ("filtered"). I didn't respond, but I may send him a link to this post. Or not. Depends on how I feel later.

Here is the message, edited for language:

Cops are scum? Helping them is evil? Who the f*** do you think you are? Cops are here to help and protect us? You'd call them if someone robbed you,hurt you or killed someone you love! F***ing liberal! Hypocrite! I really do pray for you and everyone like minded to you! If you hate it here so much! Leave the country and go to a lawless place!

This is so typical of so many copsuckers' responses. But I'm sure you know that from personal experience.

Yes, cops ARE scum. You can't be otherwise and continue to do that "job". Cops enforce the "laws", and many (most, actually) "laws" are counterfeit- they violate life, liberty, or property. Good people wouldn't do that. If a cop is insistent on enforcing one of these counterfeit "laws" and you resist, he will murder you to force you to submit. Only an evil person- a scum- would do that. So, yes, cops are scum.

Giving physical (or other forms of) assistance to someone committing acts of enforcement is evil. It couldn't be otherwise. Helping scum prevail against their victims isn't something a decent person would do. Not ever.

Who do I think I am? Someone who recognizes wrong when I see it, even if it hasn't yet harmed me. Who does the copsucker think he is?

Apparently, by his use of a question mark, he also doubts that cops are here to help us. Cops are "here" to help themselves. After that comes their obligation to help the bullies who come up with insane opinions, and then call those opinions "law". Cops may sometimes, inadvertently "help" someone else, but so do other bad guys. It doesn't excuse their primary behavior. If you worship cops because you believe this propaganda, you may need more help than I can provide.

Then he whips out his "just wait until you need a cop" and waggles it around for all to admire. How proud he must be of it. If I ever feel forced to call a cop, it would NOT be because I want to. It might be because an insurance company has rules that mean they won't do what I have contracted with them to do if I don't. Or, perhaps due to "laws" that would result in my being kidnapped or murdered by cops if I don't call them. And I will take care when they show up if I find myself in that situation. The chances of the cops showing up and making the situation better is so laughably unlikely that I can't figure out how anyone could still believe that myth. There is no situation so bad that it can't be made much worse by inviting a cop to show up.

Then he calls me a "liberal", thus exposing himself as a statist of the "Right". So oblivious, is he. It would be funny if it weren't so predictable. Statists... sigh.

The next insult he squeezes from his orifice confuses me. "Hypocrite"? Based on what? I have no doubt whatsoever I have some hypocritical opinions or actions. But, it would be helpful if he could let me know exactly what he's talking about... unless he is just blindly grasping for insults without paying any attention to what they mean. It couldn't be that, could it?

And he's going to pray for me. When people pray for me, I take it as a sign they care. I don't get the feeling he cares for me- in fact, I get the opposite vibe and think he is being insincere. Perhaps, even... hypocritical? Instead of praying for me, he could try to convince me of how right he is. If he has any rational arguments, I mean.

I don't hate it here. In fact, it's because I love America that I won't abandon it to the likes of him, and to the law pollution he seems to love so much. I can love the place and hate the gangs of bullies who infest it and violate all those they notice. I don't confuse the government for the place like so many statists seem to do. "Love it or leave it"? No. It's people like him who would be more comfortable in a "lawful" place like North Korea. He's the one out of place, and he should fix that at his earliest convenience.

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