Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy Liberty Porn Day!

"Independence Day", more commonly known as simply "The 4th of July", is to actual independence as porn is to an actual sexual relationship.

It is a simulated substitute for the real act. The act of shooting and blowing up tyrants and their enforcers.

Shooting off fireworks- especially "in accordance with local laws"- has nothing to do with the act of rebellion to government that "Independence Day" is supposed to commemorate. It doesn't do anything for Rightful Liberty. It is a pathetic substitute for the real thing.

Yes, fireworks are pretty. And sometimes awe inspiring. And killing tyrants and their enforcers is messy, and unpleasant, and innocent people will inevitably get killed in retaliation. "Independence Day" is a cuddly alternative to the real spirit of independence.

But I miss the spirit of people willing to send tyrants and their hired bullies, either to another corner of the globe, or to the grave.

Until or unless "Independence Day" becomes about independence, I'll think of it as "Independents' Day" instead.