Friday, July 01, 2022

Violating a little less isn't an expansion

Several times over the past week I've seen anti-liberty pundits proclaiming that the Supreme Courtjesters' recent Bruen opinion "expanded gun rights" or "expands the Second Amendment".

No, it doesn't.

It just tells the feds to stop violating the right to own and to carry weapons quite as badly as before. That's not an expansion.

If you "generously" give your starving child a second weekly potato, you aren't encouraging their gluttony. You aren't being a wonderful person for doubling their food rations, you just aren't being quite as evil as before... maybe. You are still evil for starving them, just as the Supreme Court is still evil for not explicitly explaining why any and all anti-gun legislation is null and void-- as they have to know it is if they've read the document.

Now, it seems they've also kicked some other anti-gun cases back to the "lower" courts, with instructions to do them over, taking into account the Bruen opinion. Expect sneakiness to ensue.

The bigger news may be-- depending on how it is used-- the opinion against the EPA's extra-legislative rulemaking (Algore is very disappointed with this turn of events). The EPA is obviously guilty of this crime, but BATFEces is the prime violator in this regard-- they make everyone else look like amateurs by comparison. Maybe someone will use this opportunity to slap them around a bit and knock them down a few notches. But anything that allows the BATFEces gang (or its function) to continue to exist-- as anything other than a ridiculous Nazi fan club with no power over anyone-- is a failure.


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