Monday, May 16, 2022

If your solution is a political solution, you aren't really advocating a solution. Politics is never a good solution.


The Supreme Courtjesters may be poised to rule on some gun-related cases soon, and many people have been saying it doesn't look good for the anti-gun bigots. 

That's how you know there was going to be at least one high-profile mass murder happening soon. The blood dancers needed fresh blood to dance in, and they always get it when they need it.

Coincidence or staged for political reasons? By "staged", I don't mean it wasn't a real event, I mean was the guy a puppet of some government anti-liberty agency rather than just an independent evil loser? Some of those who have watched his video say it appears he had professional shooting-on-the-move training. I don't know because I don't watch that sort of video. But would it surprise you?


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Freelance Buffalo soldiers needed

I don't know a lot about the evil loser in Buffalo who murdered 10 people. I see that the corporate media is calling him a "white supremacist". 

If he really believed others to be inferior (based on any arbitrary criteria), why would he have decided to murder them? All that did is prove he is the inferior one. An evil loser worthy of only scorn and ridicule.

I consider all of New York state to be a slaughterhouse zone, even though I know most places aren't quite as bad as NYC. Make it less likely that the good people will be armed and you're just encouraging evil losers to strike.

I sure wish someone there had ignored the anti-liberty rules and had ended his tantrum early. But that's what I always wish.

If you really believe you are superior to other people, act like it and prove that you are. Don't lower yourself and become a lowly evil loser.

And don't become a loser politician (a redundant term) by calling for more of the anti-liberty rules that protect scum such as this from their intended victims time after time.


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