Friday, November 10, 2017

Worse than the worst

I'm sure you've heard of the "knock out game", where some loser just punches a victim in the head without warning, intending to knock the person unconscious.

Yeah, it's a disgusting thing to do. Those people are the worst!

But, to me it would seem even worse to torture the person first by tying them down, taunting them a while, then punching them unconscious. There's the added factor of psychological torture.

And to me, this illustrates the tactic behind State "executions".

Yes, I actually think losers who play the standard "knock out game" are probably less ethically reprehensible than the losers who clinically murder people for the State. And that's a really law bar to begin with.

That's when I ignore the number of those on the death assembly line who have been discovered to be innocent, but railroaded by a corrupt "criminal justice system", "crime labs" that come up with whatever results the cops and prosecutors want them to come up with, and "judges" who have no business judging anyone but themselves. Murder carried out under clinical conditions is still murder-- or maybe it's murder plus.

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