Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's been over 100, but it's a dry heat...

Just in case anyone would like to help, I need money for a home AC repair. The humans and felines thank you.


Good people can't support cops

You can't be a good person, who is consistent and knowledgeable about police and the "laws" they enforce, and continue to support police.

It simply isn't possible.

I know this may hurt your feelings, and you might want to jump in to support nice Uncle John, the cop. But don't bother.

Nothing you could say, no excuses you could make, can change reality.

So, is your choice to be a decent person, or to continue to support cops? You have made the choice whether you know it or not.

(Here is a good article for those who would consider themselves "Christians", but who still support cops and the "laws" they enforce. It has its flaws, but don't we all?)

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