Sunday, August 21, 2016

What crimes would Jesus commit?

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A lot of them.

Have you ever considered the crimes of Jesus? Just off the top of my head I can think of several: Practicing medicine without a license. Moonshining (turning water into wine, rather than corn into whiskey). Interfering with officers of the law. Vagrancy. I don't think he ever applied for a permit for the large public gatherings- or parades- which formed around him.

If I thought about it a bit longer, I'm sure I could think of many more of his "crimes".

With a list like that, how long do you think he would make it in Police State USA? Not 3 years, I'll bet. It's no wonder he didn't show up today, but 2000 years ago when the State was just beginning to be the problem. It would be a very different story today- all centered on his prison cell, I would imagine.

Not only that, but he didn't support "borders". He never supported v*ting to choose a master. He never advocated a new "law", or enforcing existing "laws" against individuals, or carrying out a death penalty. He never suggested that just because something was immoral, it should also be illegal. He didn't ask his disciples if they had a permit before telling them to get and carry a sword.

He was completely opposite his modern fan club in almost every respect.

I'm not making the claim that he was an anarchist or libertarian, like I have seen so many others make. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. Certainly he was much more anarchist and libertarian than his supporters today are.

It should be very embarrassing to Christians that I, an atheist, am much more Christ-like than most of them (there are exceptions, of course). Every Christian in my real-world life is a big supporter of the US police state, "laws" against almost everything, and never-ending wars around the globe. I know some who are right now desperately trying to find a way to use the violence of the State to drive away some people who are not harming them in the slightest, but whom they suspect "might" be undocumented "immigrants" from Mexico. How Christlike is that? Not even a smidgen. They should be embarrassed to the point of tears- but I'm the one who keeps trying to point out their error... and being ignored.

Supporting counterfeit "laws" is wrong. It is not even slightly "Christian".

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