Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Twelve years squandered in gov-schooling

The older I get, the more useless I think my gov-school experience was. The educational things I learned (things I still retain that are useful) are things I would have learned on my own. The rest probably weren't important for me to know long enough to pass a test.

The socialization aspect was almost entirely negative, as well. 

Outside of school, I could choose who I associated with. In school, I was forced to be around those who only saw me as someone to hurt. This isn't necessary and is abusive-- especially if fighting back isn't allowed. Which it isn't, and wasn't when I was in school, either. I got detention for fighting back at some attackers. They got suspended, so they got a vacation. I got the extra punishment of still being forced to be in gov-school and having to stay late every day for three days. My parents thought I got the better end of it; I didn't.

One of the most common justifications for the horrible experience of gov-schooling that I've heard all my life (from those who know school doesn't educate adequately, but still think it's "important") boils down to "Abuse kids when they're young so that they won't be caught off-guard by the abuse they'll experience later in life". Force teens to lose the fight against their biological clocks and circadian rhythm by getting up dangerously early (for them) so they'll be ready to get up early later in life, when it's not so difficult or harmful. It's insane.

I value education, probably more than most fans of gov-schooling ever could. But schooling isn't it. 

Yes, education happens in gov-school because it will happen in spite of your best efforts to prevent it. And I did have a couple of good teachers along the way-- one whose influence you see every day (even though he would probably be disappointed that I didn't "make something of myself").

I know I was different. I wanted to know-- about nearly everything. I didn't care about sports, social stuff, cars, celebrities, popular culture, or popularity. (I probably should have cared a little more about more of those for social reasons-- just so I didn't seem so alien.) I cared about sciency stuff, which is why I loved libraries and doing experiments for myself-- finding answers to my questions by doing experiments that weren't spelled out in a textbook with the expected results (that millions of gov-school inmates had either gotten or not for decades).

I still feel bad for people who don't have that kind of curiosity... and I don't really understand how they don't. Although, I have watched as gov-school has killed the desire to know in some people. I guess I was lucky to keep my curiosity.

I know some people enjoy school. Some people enjoy being whipped. I'm not going to judge; just don't force those who don't want it to be part of it. Don't force others to pay for it, either. Nothing is that important.

Both of my sisters were a better fit in gov-school. They were social and popular and don't understand why anyone would think those institutions are harmful and should be abolished. Both are statists, of course. One has made a career of teaching, and one of her daughters is on a similar path (and is w0ke due to the university's brainwashing).

My opinions on kinderprison-- gov-schooling-- are unpopular in my family. All of whom almost worship schools and many of whom are current or former gov-school employees or administrators. Even they can admit, in unguarded moments, that gov-schools are a failure, but they can't let go. 

I can, and I did.

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