Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The "news" isn't reality

I don't watch "the news". My exposure to "news" is unintentional-- unless something catches my eye and I look it up to see if something is going on that might affect me. Maybe something like the US feral government murdering a bunch of people near Waco, Texas-- and then convincing most of the public to blame the victims instead of the murderers. (4/19!)

I haven't watched the incidents of Old Joe's confusion that I've seen mentioned, not even his Easter Bunny handler that I saw referenced several times in various places over the past days. (Or, I hadn't seen it until I looked it up on YouTube just now. Amusing. Or elder abuse.)

I have no doubt whatsoever that he's impaired, but I'd bet he's not quite as senile as he's often portrayed by the anti-Democrat media. Although, I could well be wrong and other political criminals might just be working overtime to protect him from honest scrutiny.

I'm sure he's not as capable as the anti-Republican media is still trying to make him look.

It would be interesting to get him alone somewhere and see if a normal conversation, about a random topic he hasn't prepared for, were possible. Then I could come to my own conclusions. I don't trust any media corporation to tell the truth.

But, on the other hand, I'm not sure whether a president really affects my life that much, as long as he doesn't do something to get us nuked. Every president is probably more of a figurehead than anything else; even the executive orders are written by someone else and just rubber-stamped and promoted by the Political Criminal in Chief. The president is an unnecessary complication, only there to fool gullible people into believing tyrannical rules are somehow legitimate in some way. They aren't. Not ever. No matter who's president.


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