Monday, June 13, 2016

Truth? Who cares? See how deeply I feel!

"Truth is useless for persuasion whenever emotions are involved." ~ Scott Adams

Yes, it is. And that's a shame, but reality doesn't care if you like it or not.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in the anti-liberty bigots' response to the Orlando mass murder by a religious extremist.

Liberty is supported by facts, reason, logic, ethics, history, etc. But statists are driven by an emotional attachment to their cult, so they reject reality and substitute their own matrix of feelings and wishes in its place. Feelings and wishes that run counter to the truth, but "feel right" to them.

Liberty can appeal to feelings, too. What's better than owning your life and the products of your life? But most liberty lovers have a harder time expressing that particular dimension than do statists, who are driven by emotion rather than by truth. I know I have a hard time expressing my emotions the way statists do.

I have feelings, but I feel (ha!) my feelings are less important than the truth- than reality. If I like a comfy lie, I feel bad about liking it and would rather focus on reality until I like that instead.

If I like the truth, I want to express that truth rather than worry about how liking it makes me feel.

I want my feelings to align with the truth because reality is what really matters to me.

But, to persuade people you've got to sink to their level, and that means you need to ignore truth and focus on feelings. Especially in politics, truth has no place, unless you are talking about how you truly feel.

So, here's a bit of truth and "feelz" for you:

It deeply saddens me that anti-liberty bigots care so little about innocent lives that they keep doing everything they can to make it easier and easier for bad guys set on murder to carry out their plans in the most efficient way possible. With as little risk of being stopped "too early" by an armed good guy. Anti-liberty bigots don't care about you or "the children" at all, or else they wouldn't be anti-liberty bigots. They only care that their agenda is pushed. If you have to die because of it, well, that's a price they are eager to pay.

How does that truth make you feel?

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