Sunday, November 29, 2015

Equality for everyone?

I really feel sorry for "liberals".

They believe they are sounding so reasonable when they say all they want is equality for everyone. I don't think they understand what it is they are asking for.

If they mean for everyone to be equal in every ability, they are being absurd.

If they mean for everyone to be treated the same, it's never going to happen.

If they mean for the "law" to treat everyone the same, that's never going to happen, either, because the "law" is applied by humans who will never treat everyone equally.

If they mean everyone having equal and identical rights, everyone already does and always has. And it isn't the "liberals" who act upon that fact, it is those like me: the AVAL. Yet they fight us as "the enemy". This is stupid of them.

They don't see the irony in using that which violates people the most unequally to impose punishment on those they believe are being "unfair". Reality doesn't work like that and never will.