Saturday, June 13, 2020

Your autonomous zone

Autonomous zones are suddenly all the rage.

I'm all for setting up autonomous zones, but not if you steal other people's private property to do it. That's what political governments do, and it's wrong. (Government "property" already belongs to you so it can't count.)

Your property is-- or should be-- an autonomous zone, whether it's your house or your business. You rule that zone as supreme dictator (if living with others, as supreme co-dictators)-- at least until you choose to voluntarily open it to others, in which case you can't just violate visitors' rights because you want to. If you do this you're no different than any other political government.

But as long as it's your legitimately-owned private property and you don't open it to visitors, it should be yours to control completely.

No representatives of any other government allowed in unless you explicitly permit it on a case by case basis. No cops. No "tax" collectors. No inspectors. None of them. They have no right to violate your autonomous zone in an "official capacity" for some other organization that has no legitimate claim on your property (like a town, county, state, or country).

A "property tax" is a yearly ransom imposed by these thieves who have no legitimate claim to your property-- but who will steal it and murder you for resisting. Be careful dealing with this kind of robber. Their gang is large, stubborn, and heavily armed.

If you use your property to violate the life, liberty, or property of others, they have the right to defend themselves from you. You can't make a rule to take away their right to do so-- again, this is a tactic political governments try to get away with. So, act wisely and ethically, unlike they do.

You might even join with others to create a larger autonomous zone-- as long as it is by unanimous consent. That's more difficult, and not necessary.

No one has a higher claim on your property than you do-- not even if legislation and policies pretend otherwise.

Your home is your autonomous zone; your castle. Never forget it. How you choose to act on this knowledge is your business.


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