Friday, April 27, 2018

Ignorance leads to archation by "law"

In general, the more knowledgeable you are about a given topic, the more you will see the "laws" written concerning that topic as harmful nonsense.

In fact, I think that is how you can tell someone knows a particular subject really well, as opposed to faking it.

This is where most of my youthful statism came from. It was a "government of the gaps". I couldn't see how something might work without "laws", because I didn't really know how it worked at all, so I assumed "laws" were necessary. As those gaps of ignorance closed, I began to realize that holding out for the remaining gaps of was not too bright. It just meant I hadn't learned enough yet.

I see this a lot in statists. So I try to help them understand when I can. Most don't want to.

If you feel "laws" are necessary, light a candle in the dark and learn enough to see they aren't. It's smarter than sitting there in the dark excusing the ignorance.

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