Monday, September 12, 2022

Tired and miserable

I'm overwhelmed, tired, and stressed. And miserable.

For the past 2 weeks I have been taking care of 2 additional households and their cats while the people are on vacation. That's 2 trips per day to the next town over. It has really worn me down. Today should be the last day for that, if things go according to plan.

I have a cat that seems to be nearing the end. He's not old, maybe only around five years, but has always had health problems. He's the one who I think probably got Covid a while back-- I pulled him through that, but he hasn't been the same since and has lost a lot of weight. He's fading, but I'm still trying.

On top of that, I'm completely stressed because I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Friday. That's bad enough without the financial and insurance aspects of it. The clinic was telling me I have to pay $300 the day of the procedure-- now they've increased that to $400. The insurance has said repeatedly-- every time I call about this problem-- they cover colonoscopies 100%. Something doesn't add up.

So checking with the clinic again they say the problem is that the insurance will only cover one colonoscopy every ten years. Everything I've heard says a colonoscopy is recommended every five years for people of my age if there's no problem, but I grow polyps like crazy, which is why I need one every 3 years. The first time I had one, they removed 3 pre-cancerous polyps, and the last time (almost 4 years ago) they removed six. So, yes, I do think I need this, even as much as I hate it.

Called the insurance again, and now they say they only pay 70% of the cost of a colonoscopy... which directly contradicts what I've been told by them multiple times.

They are making me hate them all. 


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