Saturday, January 06, 2024

Liberty always a worthy collectible

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for December 3, 2023)

Like almost everyone, there are certain things I like to collect. Kerosene lamps being among my favorites. At one time I only wanted enough oil lamps to light the house in case of a power outage. They are useful to have around, even though power outages are rare.

Then I started liking them just for how they look.

Once I had a lamp for every room of the house, plus a few spares, I realized it was time to stop collecting them. This is when I learned that collecting has an inertia of its own. It's hard to stop collecting something once you've started, even when you know you have enough. It's hard to accept "enough" as even a possibility. I did stop, though. Mostly.

I deny being a hoarder, but I can see how it happens. I understand it and I'm not going to judge.

One thing there can never be enough of is liberty.

As I've pointed out before, since liberty is freedom tempered with responsibility, it's not possible for "too much liberty" to exist. As long as there are political governments, with their twisted view that they have a right or the imaginary authority to limit-- violate-- your liberty, there will never be enough liberty in the world.

Liberty will always be too scarce in this government-haunted world. Scarcity is a good reason to start collecting something.

Liberty isn't like kerosene lamps. It can't sit motionless on a shelf and look nice. It has to be put into action or it ceases to exist at all. Liberty isn't just a word, it has to be an action. To collect it is to live it.

You can collect a little more liberty by doing things you have a right to do whether or not the regional political types want you to. Let their disapproval encourage you.

Maybe your liberty collection includes some free speech to exercise in spite of government's corporate censorship machinery. Speak the truth responsibly, to the best of your ability, but don't let your opinions be silenced.

Perhaps you have a collection of weaponry, and the ability to use it responsibly. Or classic cars which burn a type of fuel government is trying hard to make go away.

It's your liberty. Use it!

Collect liberty for yourself and give a little to those who need a jump-start. It will make the world a better place.
I couldn't do this without your support.

Free people can't be governed

There are zero politicians in office who actually respect your right to own and carry weapons. They ALL cling to the outdated notion that government can (and should) control who owns what and where they can possess it.

You won’t find one who rejects “red flag” infringements, the NFA/GCA, background checks, FFL licensing, “gun free zones” in their entirety, etc.

Even those who say many of the right things have a big "but".

Maybe they realize they couldn't govern if the people were free. As hard as they work to prevent freedom and liberty it sure looks as if that's what's going on.

If you want to support what I do, you will. If not, you won't.
Thank you.