Monday, February 01, 2021

President* Biden

The most suspicious point in favor of there having been election funnybusiness (a safe euphemism?) on a large enough scale to change the outcome is how desperate those on the "winning" side are to sweep the idea under the rug. To make it an off-limits topic. To ban the topic from the conversation in any way they can get away with.

It looks to me as though they already know and are afraid others will figure it out.

And do what, exactly? 

At this point, the most that would happen is for Biden's presidency to come with an asterisk in future fringe history books. He still has the power to do all the damage he can think of while he occupies the office-- just like those who came before him, whether any of them were legitimately [sic] elected or not.

Of course, I don't believe in or advocate mob rule. There has never been a legitimate election and there never will be. So I'm not the kind of person they need to keep in the dark. It's all those they want to keep playing the rigged game. Those people have got to keep believing, because if they were to become like me, the whole tower of Dunder Mifflin complaint forms would collapse in a jumbled heap.

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