Thursday, July 07, 2016

The last thing a town needs

The local police chief is complaining that he needs the town to authorize him to hire another cop. Which also means buying another flashing-light-sporting Mobile Scummery Unit with which to chase down and rob more drivers.

Of course, there's no real crime here. If you look at the local victims of law enforcement you'll notice mainly people who ingested or possessed substances the State has formed a negative opinion of. With a few DWIs (although those are caught by someone other than the town cops, like state stormtroopers or the shire reaver department) thrown in. Usually several "driving without a license", fleeing a molester- sorry, I mean "evading arrest", and the occasional "refusal to identify", and some "illegal gun carry" for those they can't molest using another excuse.

Absolutely ZERO "need" for another cop.

"But all the other towns this size have three officers", he whines. "A third officer would free me and the other officer to take days off, and have someone available to respond when the others are busy."

Fortunately, the response I have seen to his suggestion is unanimously negative. Eventually, I know the cowards of the city council will give the bully what he wants. I have seen it too many times.

As everyone knows, adding more cops adds more crime. They will go around looking for more "offenses"- and will undoubtedly find them. Must justify that paycheck, you know.

It means less self-responsibility as people get brainwashed and lazy, depending on cops to do what they should be doing for themselves. This degrades quality of life for everyone. And will eventually give justification for even more "laws" and cops.

This means there will be yet another cop patrolling the school zone looking for "distracted drivers" or those whose "speed" is completely safe, but exceeds the arbitrary "limit", or people who don't fully stop at the stop signs (following the example of said cops who cruise around while staring absent-mindedly at their computer screen instead of paying attention to the kids).

This means justification for stealing more money from residents through "taxation"- unless the cops manage to steal enough through "fines" to pay for themselves.

Cops are scum, and the last thing this town needs is another sanctioned scumwad molesting the residents.

Instead of hiring another, fire them all.

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