Sunday, November 08, 2020

Extremists should keep politics to selves

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for October 7, 2020)

Of all the political ideas I'm puzzled by-- which is all of them-- the ideas of White Supremacy and White Nationalism are among the most bizarre.

To imagine you're better than others because of your race rather than for your achievements is foolish. For that matter, anyone who feels they are owed something beyond the respect for life, liberty, and property every human is entitled to is mistaken.

To use government and its legislation to force your superiority on others is to admit you're inferior.

I'm in favor of you creating your own nation somewhere, though-- with whatever values you hold dear. If you want to surround yourself with other insecure people to shield yourself from those who would point out your weaknesses, it's your right.

You're still obligated to establish your nation without violating anyone's life, liberty, or property. If anyone already lives where you want to create your nation, you have no right to kick them out. Either buy their property at a consensual price or allow them to stay. You must respect their rights. If this is a deal-breaker, you can find empty land on the Moon and set up your superior nation there.

Why anyone would want to pollute other worlds with politics is beyond me, but this is already a subject of serious discussion by serious people.

Few things are as toxic as politics. It's antisocial to use government to force others to live as you want them to live.

It's always important to know who conspires to use politics against you, and how they plan to do so if they get the chance. Your awareness allows you to stay ready to defend yourself from politics of any sort, extremist or mainstream, race-based or something else.

I'm sure White Supremacists and White Nationalists exist, although I've never met anyone who claims to be one. There are other kinds of nationalists and supremacists out there, too.

Of all the supremacists you might face, the ones most often encountered are the government-supremacists. These extremists believe government interests trump individual rights. Many of them mix in other kinds of supremacism or nationalism too, but as with all extremists, it's the political aspect rather than the petty details which makes them dangerous.

If these extremist groups would keep their politics to themselves, so as to not violate others, I wouldn't care what they believe.

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Out of the frying pan...

I hope this recent presidential selection would show people that the whole process-- the whole system-- is a fraud. That it has come down to which side is better at cheating.

But, no. This hope of mine will be in vain.

People will still imagine that v*ting matters, when it only matters who gets to count and tally those v*tes in political selections.

For the next period of time-- months, years, decades-- the side that screamed at the sky over Trump will smugly threaten to re-educate and compile "lists" of Trump supporters. And, I suspect, anyone who wasn't sufficiently anti-Trump or pro-Left-Statist.

Trump supporters will criticize the new president/s, but will continue to act as though the system is legitimate, even if it doesn't work exactly as advertised. This means they are as much to blame as their opponents. It's time for them to join the "watch it burn" side.

Until Harris takes over, it appears America will be saddled with the first-ever media selected zombie president (if the old guy makes it to inauguration day). After Harris takes the reins an evil legislation enforcer who lies to keep people caged will be the supreme vermin (not to be confused with Vermin Supreme). With a cop as president, how could anything other than a police state be in store?

Who said 2020 couldn't get more interesting? What else could be waiting in the wings, and does anyone believe 2021 will be less interesting?

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