Thursday, February 22, 2024

Invasion of the Howlers

If, every time I walked out my door, I encountered werewolves, I would probably think about them a lot. 

If werewolves put up signs all around my neighborhood and constantly insisted that I structure my life to accommodate them and their wishes, I would grow to hate them. 

I would tell anyone who'd listen that they aren't obligated to let the werewolves control them or eat them.

I would advocate silver bullets for everyone. I would remind people they have a right to use silver bullets against any werewolf that stands in their way, threatening them.

Anyone who complained and told me to stop talking about werewolves would be exposing themselves as on the side of the werewolves.

Now, replace fictional werewolves with government and you'll see the reality of the situation.

*Just a note-- this is my first time to use an AI. This one: pixlr. I used it to generate the picture above. I used the prompt "Werewolf in a ragged business suit, standing on a suburban street at night under a full moon." I probably should have said "aggressively crouching" instead of "standing", but I don't want to use up my entire free trial on one post.

Here are some of the