Saturday, February 06, 2016

The fault (or the glory) lies within

No one can "make" you become anything you don't already have in you- especially not when you become what you are being warned against.

Government, as in The State, may be the best argument against itself, but if you are a government worshiper, all the evidence in the world won't cut through and make you realize you're wrong.

The evil of The State didn't make me an anarchist or a libertarian, although it certainly didn't help its case.

L. Neil Smith's excellent book of essays, "Lever Action", didn't make me into a libertarian.
Larken Rose didn't make me into an anarchist.

Both of them, through their writings, helped me see something in myself; made me recognize what I already was and had always been (although painfully in denial at times). They made me think, and by thinking I came to know myself better than I had before.

So, that pathetic little worm (apologies to all noble nematodes) who claims Ayn Rand "made" him a communist* is lying. Maybe she triggered him and made him double down on the communism he was already infected with. But to blame someone else for what you have become- especially when you have become a nasty parasite of the type you were being warned against- is pretty sorry.

*h/t Claire Wolfe and others