Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Face, meet dirt

Looking down at the site of the adventure

A few days ago I took a tumble or a nosedive off the back steps and into the ground. My heel slipped off the top step as I was carrying out the trash and things went downhill (literally) from there in a cascade of awkwardness.

I got some scrapes and bruises, and twisted my ankle, and mildly sprained my wrist. Those pains have gone away (mainly my wrist pain) and allowed me to feel other minor pains they had been masking. Pretty much my whole left side took some damage. My hat protected my head and face-- as it has many times over the years.

I now feel slightly motivated to improve the back step situation. A small deck to transition from the door to the steps might be a good idea as this is far from the first time I've had trouble with the narrowness of the top step when going out the door. Yet, for some reason, the idea never occurred to me until this happened. (I try to not think of construction projects!)

Isn't it odd how many times an obvious idea or solution goes unnoticed until something-- some pain-- brings it to mind? Often it's not even a particularly difficult thing to do; it was just never thought of. I've put up with minor annoyances or inconveniences for years before I noticed them enough to fix them. Sometimes it was just a matter of realizing how annoying and unnecessary something I considered "normal" (*cough cough* government) was. Slapping the ground with my face may have been the inspiration I needed to fix the back steps. If so, it was a useful event.


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