Saturday, May 06, 2023

Liberty isn't ONLY about guns, but...

I think it would be boring to talk about guns all the time. It would bore me, anyway. I like to discuss a variety of subjects.

It’s also true that to discuss liberty for long means the topic of guns will keep coming up. So, I don't want to avoid the topic of guns, either. A healthy mix of subjects would be nice, but "healthy mix" is subjective.

I like guns. I like most gun people. I like seeing people carrying guns. As long as they aren't wearing a government costume or otherwise acting like a threat, I feel safer with them around.

When I lived in Colorado I open-carried much of the time-- while I also carried my Charter Arms Undercover .38 special concealed at the same time. 

My open carry was often a Remington 1858 cap & ball revolver. The other half of the time it was my flintlock Kentucky pistol. I never had anyone have an issue with me carrying either of them, and I went just about everywhere except government buildings (courthouse or post office, and I already avoided going either place as much as possible). I did carry guns into the local gov-school (with permission) and that only went wrong once. There are pictures of me posing with people from all over the world-- in their vacation albums.

The presence of guns in the hands of regular people makes me feel more free, kind of like seeing Cannabis stores, even though I don't use the plant. The presence of guns has never caused me any fear or stress. Even when I've been around people who didn't handle their guns safely, if they wouldn't listen to my advice I just got away from them and made a mental note about who shouldn't be trusted.

I don't think guns are more important than any other liberty issue, but they are often the most enlightening. If someone doesn't trust me with guns, I don't trust them. And if I trust someone, I trust them with guns. There are no exceptions.

Maybe guns don't quite equal liberty, but they are very nearly the same thing. So, if I sometimes get on a kick where it seems guns are all I talk about for a while, you'll understand why.

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