Thursday, April 02, 2020

"In-group morality" is the opposite of libertarianism

Do you get tired of people lying about libertarians? I know I do.

I was watching a video the other day where this guy was talking about "in-group morality" which he described as "... a system which constrains any and all ethical obligations solely to the members of the group to which one belongs."

As he said this, an on-screen note conflated conservatism and libertarianism, suggesting both as groups who exhibit this trait.

Does that sound like libertarians to you? Does that sound like me?

I've never advocated anything close to that, nor do I know any libertarians who do. That assertion is just not true of libertarians.

It's like claiming "Vegetarians eat only meat". It's either a flat out lie or is so ignorant of the facts that the person making this claim ought to be embarrassed for not knowing what he's talking about.

I can't speak for conservatives because I am not one. They'll have to take it up with him on their own.

I think ethics is the same no matter your morality. Wrong is wrong. It is not right for me to steal, trespass, enslave, govern, kidnap, murder, rape, punch, or otherwise archate against any other person, no matter who they are, what group they belong to, or what they believe. It is also right for me to defend myself and others (of any group) against such acts, also no matter what the one committing those acts may believe. It's universal, not applicable to only "my" in-group.

Libertarianism is the opposite of an "in-group morality".

I'm also tired of Left-Statists trying to say libertarians and conservatives are the same-- just like I'm tired of Right-Statists who say libertarians and "liberals/progressives" are the same. They. Are. Not.

I get tired of people lying about things like this and getting no push-back. So, I push back, for all the good it does-- which is close to none, as far as I can tell.


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