Thursday, May 30, 2024

V*ting for candidates isn't a good idea

It's a good thing I don't v*te. I was never very good at it. And I still wouldn't be. 

For one thing, I just can't get past that "no one has a right to govern another" thing.

My observation is that no one is good at v*ting, but some people imagine they are. Or they feel they have to, anyway, and hope for the best.

Hope for the best... But, in the case of some-- or most-- candidates, which version of them do you believe is the real one? 

In the past, they would say one thing to one group and another thing to a different group, and there wasn't too much danger that anyone would catch the discrepancy. They were more free to lie to court the v*ters by saying what their audience at the time wanted to hear.

Video seems like it would have put an end to that, but it didn't. For instance, I don't believe for one nanosecond that Trump has become a respecter of the natural human right to own and to carry weapons without government permission or oversight, even though he seems to be trying to make this claim. I think he's lying when he suggests he is in favor of "gun rights".

Today, in addition to historical-style pandering to whichever group is listening at the moment, they can also say things as part of their official platform that seem opposed to things they have posted on "social" media in the past. Which version is their real self, reflecting their actual opinions? You'll never be sure.

Maybe the "social" media posts were their past opinion, but they've changed their mind. If that's the case, might they change again once given power? Or was it just a lie all along? It's not worth the risk.

Even if giving someone the power to govern others was legitimate, you could never be sure what someone would do with that power. 

You don't need anyone to run your life or to run society. And neither does anyone else-- even if they don't want the responsibility to run their own life. Too bad. You own you and it's your responsibility anyway, even if there is some clown called "The President" lording his power over your life.

Thank you for reading.