Saturday, April 20, 2019

Pick a side, Dude!

I was in line behind this very confused inDUHvidual yesterday. I know you probably can't read much from that cell phone picture, but his back window and tailgate opinions almost made me laugh.

On his back window, he had a pro-guns sticker, but his tailgate demanded you support anti-gun bigot Trump (and Holy Pole Quilt) and the anti-liberty (against ALL liberty, including guns) Blue Line Gang. Or maybe he was demanding I support the anti-liberty/anti-gun bigots of the unconstitutional FBI (Federal Baby Incinerators) since his sign actually said: "Support Your American Police Force". There is no American police force (and if there were, it wouldn't be mine) but the FBI comes closest to being a U.S. police force. I don't support those liberty diddlers, either.

Then he had a couple of anti-Democrat signs. The top one called Democrats out by name (or is it by brand?) but the picture isn't clear enough to read and I don't remember exactly what it said. The other one said "Put the Swamp in Jail" with a cartoon donkey after it. Clear enough.

Silly man believes one side is pro-liberty. Against all evidence and reason. But he believes it.

Then he had a Bible sticker in his rear window, and a sign near the bottom of the tailgate warning he has road rage and to get off his a**. This on top of showing clear support for the competing religion, Statism. That boy needs to pick a side.

I'm surprised he didn't have a sign bemoaning the crudity of American culture while having a shiny new set of Made in China truck testicles dangling underneath. Plus he was still missing the obligatory "Support the Troops" magnet.

Yeah, he is one confused puppy. And I'm sure he v*tes, somehow believing he's doing his part to protect "freedom". People like him are more laughs than most sitcoms. But it obviously pays to be Statist; his pickup was a lot nicer than mine.


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