Saturday, July 30, 2022

They are not your masters

I've seen several pro-gun people saying-- concerning the D.C. house of Reprehensibles' v*te to pass another "assault weapon" [sic] ban-- that they are "v*ting our rights away".

Not at all. 

They are v*ting, ganging up, to violate the natural human rights of the people. Your rights. But the rights won't go away. They won't even change.

Even if this counterfeit bill also passes the Sin-it and becomes legislation, it won't be legitimate. You'll have no obligation whatsoever to comply (liberty carries risk, so be smart).

Let's be honest about what happened. What these worthless skin-sacks actually did was v*te to enslave you to their gang. They v*ted themselves to be your owners and masters. They declared you to be their property to be used as suits them. 

Are you going to take it and let them believe you believe it's true? Or will you declare that you are no one's slave and reject them, their opinions, and their power grab?


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