Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The American "Anne Frank"

Is the American "Anne Frank" already among us? If so, how old might she be? And, who?

Might she be your daughter? Or the new baby you saw at the grocery store? Will she be your future granddaughter?

Who will she be hiding from? Cops already on the job, or some new enforcers hired "for the duration"?

Which "laws" will she and her family be hiding from? "Laws" which have already been passed? Or "laws" which have only been hinted at? "Laws" you oppose, or "laws" you might have even supported?

Who will be hiding her?

Who will be the one who exposes her to the cops?

Where will she meet her fate? And how?

You may roll your eyes at these questions. I hope in a few years you aren't suddenly remembering this and wishing you had taken it more seriously.