Thursday, January 28, 2021


I would like to get in on Dogecoin, since... why not? So, if anyone is interested in donating some as an alternative to donating dollars or Bitcoin:


I just set up this wallet and haven't tested it yet, so if you send some, let me know so I can check to make sure it came through.


UPDATE: I figured out that I could trade a little Bitcoin for some Dogecoin directly through my wallet, so I'm set if Dogecoin goes "to the moon" now. You can still donate if you want, though.

Bullies and government-supremacists

Who are these people whose opinions I don't care about even a little? Bullies. Statists/Government-supremacists. Anyone who wants to use aggression against others: Archators. Those who refuse to recognize that the "right" to archate can not exist.

I run into them everywhere; I'm sure you do, too. Most don't even realize they are the bad guys. Some see themselves as heroes, when nothing could be further from the truth. 

I recognize that ignoring their toxic opinions, or even daring to refute them, can cause them to attack me, either individually or through the violence of the state. But I can't stand to see them attacking someone who isn't going along with their cultish agenda. Sometimes I step in, even though I'd rather ignore them, knowing I will only attract their wrath, just because I can't let their attack go unanswered. 

Otherwise, I'll do what I can to avoid this or defend myself if avoidance fails, but I still don't care about their ignorant and wrongheaded opinions.

Why would anyone? 

They are petulant toddlers with illegitimate power. Let them throw their tantrums and try to stay out of their reach. But don't concern yourself with what they think of you. They are just not credible, rational, or sensible. 

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