Thursday, September 15, 2016

Resisting the opportunity to be evil

I have more respect for those who have the opportunity to be evil, yet refuse to give in to it, than I do for those who are naturally good with no trouble.

That probably doesn't sound nice.

I expect good people to stay good- which is why I am so disappointed when they support cops or other acts of evil.

But a good person who has the opportunity to not be good, and who wouldn't really surprise anyone by doing evil, yet stays good anyway is refreshing. And someone I can learn from.

I suppose we all have the capacity for evil, but some people are much less likely to face serious consequences for giving in to it. Due to their family, or social connections, or some other factor. I mean, if you pretty much know you can get away with murder, but you don't murder, that is a good thing in my eyes.

And besides, unless you are a Clinton, you never can be certain you'll get away with it.

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