Friday, February 15, 2019

The archators I notice

Here's another of my personal flaws.

Of all the people I encounter and notice archating -- in person on a regular basis-- the vast majority of them are Hispanic.

Does that sound racist? Is it a fluke of geography?

The Hispanic "neighbors" on one side of my house throw trash in my yard, trespass, allow their yard trash to accumulate and blow into my yard. They and their guests will stroll right past my "no trespassing" sign without hesitation. These are the people who kept driving across my yard and parking in it, until I put out the "no trespassing" sign, and had to then tell them to stop driving into my yard. I don't like them.

My daughter's frenemy, who I've spoken of before, is Hispanic.

The majority (but not all) of the teens at the park, breaking things and dropping their Powerade bottles on the ground, as well as the family groups leaving their piƱata debris scattered all over, are also Hispanic.

I could go on.

There's no part of that I want to be true-- but I don't get to dictate reality to the Universe. There's also no part of that which makes me want to justify a giant welfare/police state program-- excuse me, a government "border". I don't even like noticing a person's "race" in the first place, because it means nothing.

Yes, there are non-Hispanic archators around here. I don't like them either, but I don't encounter them as often, nor do I see them archating quite as openly. And there are plenty of other Hispanic people living around me who I either have no problem with or who I think are wonderful people. They don't archate in any way I can see. They are preferable to any of those who archate, regardless of "race" or culture. One of my daughter's best friends-- one I adore and think is a terrific positive influence on my daughter-- is mixed "race" (none of which are "white").

Is it racist of me to notice the Hispanicity of most of the archators who negatively impact my life? It feels that way to me. It is certainly collectivist, in that it can make me feel negative toward people who aren't doing anything wrong. I try not to fall into that pit. But I'm also not one to cover for archators due to their "race" just to appear more enlightened.

It's probably more about culture than "race" anyway. If that's the case I don't care much for their culture (nor do I care much for the "American culture" either, for different reasons).

If you archate, and continue to do so after it has been pointed out to you, I'm probably not going to like you. No matter who or what you are.


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