Friday, November 05, 2021

Silence-- the best policy?

I probably get a stupid look on my face.

When? Any time someone starts telling me some "wonderful" thing a politician they like is doing. Chances are, I don't think it's wonderful. I probably don't like their politician, either.

It happens pretty often.

One topic from this category I encounter often is people gushing over border control.

I got an email from someone just a couple of days ago. He invited me to join his trip to the border to thank the border control agents, the National Guard, and the sheriffs for "keeping us safe". I'm not going to do that. I'm against Big Government every time.

Why would I thank the jailers who are keeping the cell doors locked? Which side of the cell do these borderists imagine they are on?

Then, just a day or so later, I was treated to a glowing report of some politician-- the Texas governor-- taking it into his own hands to build a border wall without the US feral government's help, and against their wishes.

Look, I get why people want borders, I just don't agree with them anymore.

Those aren't the only topics. I've had the same reaction to government-supremacists talking about schools, gun legislation, cops, drugs, taxes, social media, property codes, and just about everything else governments screw up.

Anyway, at times like those I've found it's best to just not respond. At all. Or change the subject. They aren't going to listen to the other side-- even from someone who was once on the other side. So, I probably sit there with a blank expression for a while, until the topic changes to something more civilized. Silence is (or can be) golden.


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