Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hiding in shame?

I've seen statists try to hide behind so many labels-- patriot, Republican, Democrat, Christian, atheist, libertarian, anarchist... just about any label they can use to hide the truth of what they are at their heart. It doesn't even matter that, in the case of "libertarian" and "anarchist", the labels and their statism are at odds.

Now, these statists may also have other beliefs besides their devotion to statism, but those beliefs don't excuse their statism. Nor do they counteract it. Statism is still toxic.

If you believe governing others is a legitimate human endeavor you are a statist. If that's what you honestly believe, why hide it? Hiding it behind other labels, or objecting when someone points out that you are a statist, makes me think you know you're not on the right side. That's on you.


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