Tuesday, January 30, 2024

I was wrong

I recently learned I was wrong (again). It happens.

I said the Texas government wasn’t allowed, by the Constitution, to control immigration. 

Thomas Knapp pointed out that the same clause of the Constitution that forbids the federal government from controlling immigration allows the states to regulate immigration into their states— if read in a certain way. I have read that clause many times, but was focused on what it did to the feds, blind to what it allows of the states.

He also pointed out that this doesn’t make it moral, just “constitutional”. The Constitution allows many unethical things.

I’m still opposed to authorization reactions to anything. I still believe private solutions are better. If property owners want to fence off their property they have the right to do so. Government, be it the Texas or federal, has no rights. None. It has power— the power to do wrong and get away with it.

I hate being wrong, but I learn more from being wrong than from being right.

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