Thursday, September 24, 2020

Craft Holsters Falco 20S review


After my review of the Urban Carry G3 was posted, I was contacted by Craft Holsters and offered a holster in exchange for a review. Of course, I agreed.

I chose the It. 20S, right hand, in natural brown color, for the 1911, 5" barrel, cocked and locked, made by Falco Holsters. (here's a link to all their 1911 holsters.)

It took a little time, just under a month from when I first placed the order, for the holster to arrive. It was made-to-order and coming from Slovakia, so that wasn't a shock.  When the package was dropped off, I was a little concerned. 

The box didn't look like it had been treated well, but as it turned out, everything inside the box was fine.

Besides the holster, there was a small break-in kit included, which it turned out I didn't need because everything fit perfectly; tight enough, but not too tight.

My first impressions are that it is the nicest holster I've ever had. The leather seems like it is high quality, just the right thickness and hardness for a good holster, I think it will keep its shape over time. The stitching is perfect. The steel clip is impressively strong and serious. The strap holds the gun well and fits great, and the snap seems to hold everything in, just as it should. I can't find anything to complain about, and I tried. It's just built well, and it fits my gun perfectly.

I've been wearing it every day now for a couple of weeks and here are my thoughts.

At first, it didn't feel secure. It rides higher than the holsters I've been used to. Riding higher is nice because it doesn't dig into my groin as much as others have, but I kept feeling like it was going to fall out of my pants. I shouldn't have worried. That steel clip means business. It's not going to come off my waistband unless I take it off. I don't even notice it riding high anymore, and it now feels completely secure to me.

The gun does still jab me in the groin a bit when I squat. Not as bad as other holsters have allowed it to do. Plus, with some adjusting back and forth I've managed to minimize that even more. Unless I'm squatting on the ground (which I apparently do more than I thought) it's not an issue.

The only other issue is one that is probably unique to me. The grip of my gun ends up under my suspenders and that's an issue for drawing. I'm not sure why that didn't happen with the other holsters, but it may have been because they were deeper in my pants. This is just something I'll need to practice with. I'm sure it can be dealt with.

When I draw my gun, the holster stays open enough to allow me to reinsert it with one hand. The holster never comes out of my pants along with the gun, even if I forget to unsnap the strap before I tug-- which I have done because none of my concealment holsters has ever had a retention strap so I'm not used to it yet. In fact, if I tug hard enough, the snap will open first. Which is good.

Everything just seems to work like it's supposed to, and it looks good, too.

So to summarize, I am impressed. I'll probably never stop checking out holsters-- it's just a habit-- but I don't feel the pressing need to find something better anymore. Unless some magical TARDIS holster comes along, I don't think there will be anything better for this particular gun on this particular person.

Thank you, Craft Holsters!

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